Antivirus Software and Endpoint Security. What Is the Difference and Why Do We Care?

The strange world of computer viruses and malicious online threats are constantly evolving and becoming more severe. With new malware that can cripple your desktop and network, to ransom-ware that can shut down your entire server and company, the need for appropriate security solutions are becoming even more of a requirement. It’s very important to know what you are dealing with as well as what would be the correct solution for your environment.

Antivirus software is simply defined as software that helps prevent viruses and other threats from affecting the workstation it’s installed on. This single-device installation approach typically becomes a limitation with larger organizations and their networks. It also doesn’t protect against any other device that accesses this workstation or server.

...the alternative to this would be an Endpoint Security solution.

Endpoint security, or “endpoint protection” is essentially a network-wide method to secure all devices on a network… not just an individual computer. It is a centralized approach which manages servers, desktops, laptops, and even smartphones that are connected on a network. Any device that is connected remotely to a network provides an entrance for security threats and endpoint protection secures this network by blocking the access of risky activity from those endpoints. This is extremely important because with more employees connecting remotely to cloud servers, accessing networks from home or from client locations, and using personal laptops and smartphones in the office, endpoint security solutions become a standard for protection.

When you’re on Cloud 9:

Cloud 9 Computing Group utilizes a product called Symantec Endpoint Protection for all their clients who require this centralized security. Having the largest market-share of any product in endpoint security, Symantec Endpoint Protection effectively provides anti-malware, intrusion prevention, and firewall features for servers and desktops. It regularly scans computers (real-time protection), can identify and block malicious web traffic on a network from any device, and is always updated on the newest forms of malicious software.

Regarded as one of the most comprehensive security plans available in the market, Cloud 9 Computing Group has been providing Symantec Endpoint Protection to their clients for years and will continue to service clients with the best security solutions to fit their specific needs.

If you'd like to learn more or to determine if your environment is secure, reach out to our group of trained experts for a viable solution.

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