Good News for Apple and Intel?

Well, sort of.

Since the aftermath of discovering Apple’s dishonesty with the public by not informing iPhone owners that they were intentionally slowing down older versions of the phone, the company is providing an option to disable feature that reduces its speed. A software update will let users switch off the ‘battery saver’ mode, which was the culprit of large performance decrease in older models.

For quite some time, iPhone users have suspected the company to intentionally slow down older models to force consumers spend unnecessary money on the brand-new version… which as we all know, comes out almost each year. Once the public found this to be true, they were rightfully angry with the tech giant for not informing them of the forced regression in performance. Apple is now finally providing this update to reverse the effects as well as lowering the price to replace an iPhone battery, which also restores performance on affected models, for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later.

It’s great that the company is finally being open about this now and also offering a free ability to rectify the problem, however, it might be good practice to just be up-front and honest in the future and provide this as an option to begin with.

In other related news, Intel claims they will release new CPU’s with built-in mitigation for Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities this year. This announcement is almost presented as a long-term solution although the majority of users wont simply purchase a new computer to fix the problem let alone purchase a new chip, open up the computer, and replace it. We have still yet to find out when these new processors will be released, but at least we know moving forward, there shouldn’t be a lingering problem with these weaknesses. The problem still remains with existing endpoints and they are still looking for a proper solution.

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