A New Way to Connect Multiple Monitors

There is a new way to connect multiple monitors, without having to worry about connection type, graphics hardware capability, and bulky cables.

The USB 3.1 type C cable is able to support higher data transfer, power delivery, and video. Soon, you’ll see more and more of USB 3.1-C because of its unique and powerful versatility.

Speaking about monitors specifically, you can connect as many monitors as you want as long as there are enough ports to support that number, or if you have a docking station to support multiple monitors through one port. With the input being universal, it gives you far more options to add devices seamlessly and without compatibility issues. Not requiring a specific GPU to use 3 or 4 monitors without any concern is also quite noteworthy.

HP just came out with a new line of monitors having a native 4K display resolution at 60Hz, featuring extremely high dynamic contrast ratios, and 14ms response time. Consequently, the price for this cutting-edge display tech is much higher than your average monitor. The more modest Z27, a sunglass-required 27” display, is going to be priced around $550. You can get up to a 43” monitor if you really want your eyes to burn, but you’ll be spending around $1,600 for it.

They truly are a spectacle of monitor technology, especially when you compare them to the 90’s and even early-to-mid 2000’s computer display standards…

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