You Can Make Your Smartphone's Charge Last Much Longer

Moderate to heavy phone users will become annoyed at some point during their day because they need to recharge. Contrary to whatever application you download that claims it will make your phone last 10 times longer, really your only solution is to manually change your usage and settings. Here are a few great settings you can easily change to help that battery percentage stay as high as possible.

Start with the basic settings for display, GPS, and wireless connections. Screen brightness is almost always the biggest culprit of battery draining. And you may be thinking, “Well, I have auto-adjust on, so I should be fine.” But you should also make sure to dial down the setting to where it’s just enough to comfortably see the screen. Leaving the auto-adjust on should be used by default...always. It’s also a good idea to minimize the screen-timeout. This setting will keep the phone’s screen on for a certain amount of time even when you aren’t using it. You should always keep this at 30 seconds or less. There is no point for the screen to waste battery for an extra minute if you aren’t even looking at your phone. GPS is another contributor of battery drain because it constantly pings your location. Turn that off or don’t have applications like Google Maps run in the background because it continuously tracks your location and uses data... which uses power. Speaking of constantly using data, always make sure you are connected to a wireless network if possible. Using the free Wi-Fi connection on a network doesn’t drain your own data plan and thereby reducing power consumption because of it.

Reduce background activity. Remove unused applications, reduce notifications, and close programs. Remove any applications that are not used. This will free up space on your phone and could also help with relieving CPU usage if the app constantly runs in the background. Some of these applications can take a toll on the phone’s processing power, especially when there are 20 or more sitting in the background.

Limit usage. Lower your amount of streaming. If these options provide only slight relief, then it may be a good idea to try and limit your streaming usage. The constant incoming wireless data tends to destroy your battery regardless of the application. Streaming music services usually have an option to cache the media on your device and you can opt to purchase them to permanently store it on the device itself. You can even restrict certain activities, like uploading, to only allow it when you are connected to WiFi. And of course, there is the choice to simply restrain yourself from usage. Very often you’ll find people aimlessly on their phone due to boredom, even in a public setting. Regular, verbal communication with your fellow human is also quite interactive and fun! You should try it!

Get a new battery. If all else fails and you can still sit there and watch your battery percentage plummet like the gas gauge on a Humvee, it might be time to get a replacement. The way a battery works is a chemical reaction of ions going back and forth from a cathode to an anode, and after a certain amount of “cycles” they will wear out and hold a much weaker charge. It’s a chemical inevitability. The replacement battery may cost money, but it’s worth it if you still enjoy your device and want to keep the phone for another couple of years without having to upgrade.

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