Windows 10 Finally Stops Random Restarts

For its third-year anniversary, Windows 10 is finally deciding it won’t forcibly restart after important updates. For exactly three years since the initial launch, Microsoft apparently decided that it would take OS updates into its own hands and not only force installation, but also immediately restart the computer causing potential loss of unsaved work. And it only took 3 years to figure out a fix, albeit overstated, for this annoyance.

The new feature that is tackling this problem is currently available in the upcoming Windows 10 build 17723 (RedStone 5) uses machine learning to predict the right time to restart your computer. Seems a little excessive and invasive. There might as well be a feature that predicts when you should go to bed since this supposed upgrade will allow the computer to determine if you are currently using the machine as well as predict if you just temporarily left the computer for a short amount of time.

Machine learning is really just taking extensive information and making predictions from identifiable patterns. But what happens if you aren’t leaving the house for an hour or you’re not leaving to go eat? People behave spontaneously and machine learning likely won’t be able to categorically predict human responses. This posits the question as to why they are using machine learning for something so minor anyways? Why take something complex and use it to somewhat solve a problem with restarting a computer?

What really needs to happen is Microsoft needs to bring back more user control and begin with allowing users to authorize an updates and reboots. If the PC hasn’t updated in several days after installation, force the user to choose an ideal time to restart. Don’t determine it for them.

We will have to wait and see what, if any, update will allow people to determine when their machine will update and restart. Until then, we will have to rely on the computer to make these decisions for us. I guess it's a step up from restarting without question.

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