Google’s Undo Send Feature, Windows 8 Says Goodbye to New Apps, and yet Another Improvement to Firef

Other than Google’s updated look to Gmail, their undo send feature has been preventing embarrassing emails from being sent for a few years now on its web platform. Now, the life-saving feature is being pushed to the mobile Gmail app as well in version 8.7. It makes sense even more so on the mobile app, given the usual circumstances of sending email on your phone. Typically, you are on the move, in a car (hopefully not), or multi-tasking, which inevitably yields errors either large or small. The feature works by implementing a 10 second time delay on emails that were sent, so if you happen to accidentally send an email before reviewing, or if you catch an error right after you send, you can quickly rescind them. This does already exist on mobile, but for customers who use the official Gmail mobile client, you are now able to use it as well. For those who didn’t know about this awesome feature, now you do!

Microsoft continues to be Microsoft in the sense that they want their customers on the newest OS available and will do everything they can to indirectly, and sometimes directly, force them onto it. The software giant has released a caveat stating that it will stop accepting new Windows 8 apps for the Microsoft Store starting on October 31st, 2018. Updates to applications can still be submitted to existing programs, however, that will end soon as well, where all Windows 8 apps are completely going away on July 1st, 2023. Not to say this is going to have a massive impact, given the usage share for those with Windows 8 is quite low since most people still use Windows 7 or Windows 10. Either way, it isn’t the nicest Halloween gift Microsoft has given.

Firefox improves once again with a new tracking blocker currently being tested in the newest upcoming versions. People don't usually realize that everything they look at online is being tracked, and this option will really empower users to be in control of their privacy. The browser will now begin to block all slow-loading trackers (usually advertisements) taking more than 5 seconds to load. Starting with version 65, Firefox will remove all cookies and block all storage access from third-party trackers, as well as blocking crypto-mining scripts. The company Mozilla states that the idea is to give users a choice to be tracked. Sites can still ask for user data, but they will have to ask permission before they get it. If you really think about it, blocking these trackers and advertisements is not only the right move for browser users, but it also improves advertising platforms by identifying actual potential customers instead of bombarding everyone. For Mozilla to have this mindset makes me even more impressed with the company, and I continue to push the use of Firefox more and more.

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