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Hurricane IT Planning for Florida Offices

It's official... Hurricane Irma has Florida anxious about storm preparations again. While we're batting down the hatches at home, we also have customers wondering about our services and what they can do at their offices.


First... Our team will be around to offer onsite services through mid-day Friday if needed. Remotely, we will be available at all times as long as we have power and internet service. Just call our main number 407-268-6810, and select our tech support option. You can also text our main number 407-268-6810 as well.


Second... Our hybrid cloud customers have the majority of their preparation already done with their servers and backups offsite.

For customers not on the hybrid cloud, feel free to reach out to us to review backups and how to handle your server situation. It only takes a few minutes to review your situation case by case and we would be able to be proactive versus reactive. A simple step anyone can do is copy anything critical from a local computer (Word / Excel files, QuickBooks company files, etc) with you on a USB drive.


Third... Phones and communication. You may want to have us look into how your phones are setup to deal with outages and how we can help.


Fourth... Don't forget low tech. Consider printing hardcopies of important documents, such as insurance policies, accounts receivable lists, or other administrative documents that may be necessary. You can also print out lists of employees, clients, and/or vendors to pass around.


For ALL customers, we would recommend unplugging PCs, Monitors, Battery Backups, and other equipment, where you can. This will help shield you against surge issues.

For individual desktop areas make sure computer boxes, printers and battery backups are off the floor, monitors are turned off and equipment is unplugged at the wall. Desktop computer equipment can be covered with trash bags once they are powered down for added protection against moisture. Do not cover any equipment that is not powered down as it could be damaged due to heat retention.

For equipment like copiers and printers, it is usually best to unplug the power, network cable, and any phone line (if the unit faxes).

If your servers are onsite (and not in our hybrid cloud), please go over your situation with us so we can prepare you proactively as best as possible. Some servers can easily be powered down without affecting your company much while others may need more in-depth planning.

Stay safe... we look forward to seeing you soon!

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