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Now You Really Can Have a Computer in Your Pocket.

With the fastest and highest capacity (simultaneously) microSD card available.

Western Digital, one of the biggest players in hard-drive storage, revealed their subsidiary company SanDisk’s new microSD card… which just happens to be the world’s fastest and largest UHS-I flash memory card. Although another micro card was recently released at 512GB, this SanDisk Extreme is literally twice as fast, offering read speeds up to 160 MB/s and write up to 90MB/s. Same goes for its predecessor, the SanDisk Ultra, which boasts only 100 MB/s and instead of red and gold, it fashions red and silver. Definitely not as cool. The capacity and speed of this microSD makes it ideal for viewing, transferring, and recording 4K video. Because it is the highest capacity at that performance level, this card is notably award-worthy.

By acquiring SanDisk back in 2016, it has allowed Western Digital to participate comprehensively in the digital storage market. Since they are already arguably the largest and best hard-drive manufacturers and on the road to improving their product line of SSDs, having SanDisk under their umbrella takes them into the other micro-forms of storage. These penny-sized technological marvels are physically designed for use in smartphones, action cameras, and drones.

Another feature is that is has A2 specification which is a category that uses functions of command queuing and cashing information. In other words, there will be no problems in launching/loading applications stored on the card. The card is also unbelievably resilient. SanDisk’s “extreme” product line is shockproof, waterproof, X-Ray proof, and can operate at temperatures as frigid as -13ºF and as liquefying as 185ºF. Basically, the only way to destroy it is to cast it back into the fiery chasms of Mt. Doom.

This huge advancement in a tiny package really does take the smartphone device to an entirely new level. But Just because it’s in a tiny package doesn’t mean it has a tiny price. You’ll definitely have to fork over some big money to own this easily misplaced flake of plastic at a cost of about $300. Please make sure when you unbox this thing that there isn't a rogue wind gust to catch and whisk it away.

It in fact does make the saying true, however. With incredible capacity at 400GB, fast read/write speeds, big smartphone screens, and applications for everything imaginable, you really will have a practical computer in the palm of your hands.

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