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New Super Fast SSD Coming Soon from Samsung

The biggest company in SSD production is already launching a new product that further improves read/write speeds. Though most would agree that the 960-series NVMe SSD satiates the need for speed, Samsung won’t stop there and has announced a soon-to-come arrival of the 970 Evo and 970 Pro SSDs. By taking advantage of their improvements in 64-layer 3D flash technology and Phoenix controller, the new line of SSDs delivers performance that still supersedes its predecessor. The Evo and Pro (970) can both easily achieve the 3.5GB/s sequential read of the 960 series, however, the biggest different between the two generations is write speed. Alone, the 970 Evo is already faster than the 960 Pro with sequential write speeds of 2.5GB/s and even faster still comes the 970 Pro at 2.7GB/s Both drives also tout better lifespan. The 970 Evo supports up to 1,200TB of data written, which is quite a great deal of usage. But if you are still concerned about how long the drive lasts, the 970 Pro has 2-bit MLC flash memory, basically doubling the number of bytes written at the same capacity. As usual, the variance in price is due to which model you decide on and how much storage you are looking for. The Evo line is priced as follows: $120 for 250GB, $230 for 500GB, $450 for 1TB, and $850 for 2TB. You’ll have to fork over a little more to obtain the 970 Pro. The price for a 512GB is roughly $100 more than the Evo counterpart, however, it then climbs to $630 for 1TB option. These drives are designed to be used in professional workstations or other high-end computers when data speeds are critical.

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