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The Six Ways on How to Love Your Computer

Be gentle Don’t overwork it. Generally, it’s not a good idea to have 20 browser tabs open with multiple YouTube videos. Just be cognizant of how much you are doing, especially while browsing the internet. If something is open that doesn’t have to be, just close it.

Shut down at night Or at least twice a week. Shutting down and restarting improves longevity of hardware components and can clear out caching issues that cause problems when your PC remains on for extended periods of time. Plus it saves money on power.

Give it Oxygen Can it breathe? The placement of your computer is a big factor for heat dissipation and dispersion. If there isn’t good airflow, blocked ventilation, or the exhaust fans are blowing directly into a wall, it’s going to cause faster hardware failure due to excess heat. Also, clean out the dust that accumulates inside about once or twice a year. Changing out your AC filter is a monthly practice, and these machines are practically doing the same thing.

Update Your computer needs the newest and hottest fashion items… uhh, I mean, the newest updates and security patches. Although it may be annoying and require several restarts, updating your operating system and certain programs is a necessary evil.

Don’t overload Don’t install unnecessary programs. This leads to unwanted startup programs. If you don’t need the application, don’t install it. It’s quite simple. When your computer begins to accrue a large number of programs, it eats up space on your hard-drive, can conflict with other applications, and can even automatically set to startup after logging into your profile and cause superfluous slow-downs.

Give it a new shiny SSD Unless you want a gradual loss of speed and slow startups. Since SSDs are now widely affordable, 10 times faster, more durable, and typically has longer life-spans than their HDD counterpart, why would you use anything else?

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