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The Importance of Cloud E-Mail Backup

If you lost your email tomorrow, how badly could it affect your business? There's been enough press confirming that file and server backups are essential nowadays, but there's often a blind spot when it comes to email.

Recently, a huge trend in migrating to cloud-based servers has been shown and is increasing in popularity each year for many reasons. The main one being cost to operate. What isn't advertised, though, is that very few cloud-based email servers have disaster recovery backup options in place.

With an uptrend in phishing and hacking, or simply the propensity to accidentally delete a valuable email folder, we're alerting our customers to the important of email backup.

Data can be lost in many different ways; however, the most common way is human error, either by accidentally deleting important files or malicious erasing data. Trending currently is phishing attacks, that can give the hacker your email password, where data can easily be stolen and deleted. Without a robust backup solution in place, recovery of that potentially massive amount of information would either be very difficult or impossible.

For these reasons, data loss is still a concern for Office 365 GSuite customers. Especially since backup policies for these cloud-based services do not guarantee complete data recovery. Even if data is retrievable, the process can be cumbersome and complicated, taking a long time to get the information back in some instances. Retention policies can also vary, so depending on the time at which your data has been lost, deleted, or infected, you will only be able to restore them within a possibly very short time frame.

Another point to consider: if you are in an SEC Regulated Finance type business, or other compliance based industry, there are actual REQUIREMENTS for an email archival or backup service like this.

Approximately 60% of companies that lose critical data are shown to shut down within six months of it happening. In this era of technological importance, years of hard work and crucial documents can be gone in a second. Unless you have a strategy to respond to these incidences, it could mean the last problem your company faces.

Cloud 9 offers solutions for Office 365 and G Suite that automatically backup daily, without storage limits, and only cost a few dollars per account each month. Since the payment plans of mail services like O365 and GSuite are setup as similar monthly installments, tacking a couple of dollars onto that amount is a no-brainer when it comes to the salvation of your entire business or being sure you're in compliance.

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