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QuickBooks / Intuit Payment Scams are alive and well

Unfortunately, folks continue looking for ways to swindle folks using legitimate services in the middle.

In this latest scam, it appears that someone is using the legitimate QuickBooks Online invoicing system to generate invoices for products you don't actually have. We have now come across this Norton Subscription style invoice multiple times over the last 3 days and felt it would be best to issue a warning.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This makes it past pretty much ALL Spam Filters and Phishing filters because the emails from Intuit are legitimate!

Here's a sample image of one we got today:

What's most concerning about this is that it's legitimately using the QuickBooks Payments invoicing system. You can see here in the email headers that the domain is from

This is concerning because it means the source of the emails is legitimate and there's not much that can be stopped via technology to stop these kinds of scams but still allow legitimate invoicing from Intuit to come through. This means that staff will have to be vigilant and check before paying bills like this.

So, what can be done?

Always check to see if this is even a legitimate invoice. Perhaps IT knows. It's unlikely Norton is direct billing your business through Intuit. Some Google Searching has revealed that the numbers tied to these emails are being reported as scams.

Other references

Try here for more information on this topic:

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